Welcome to the Indian Graduate Students Organization (IGSO) at Binghamton University’s website.

The mystic educational confluence of Binghamton, Vestal & Endicott give rise to one of the premier universities in upstate NY; SUNY Binghamton which is a gateway to many international student who dream American education. The immense popularity of Binghamton university’s programs sees numerous Indians arrive here to pursue their aspirations. Binghamton hosts numerous student organizations, with IGSO notable being a prominent member body given the large presence of every Indian student arriving here. We take great pride in ensuring that each student is nestled in a family shell that he will miss of his family from back home.

Our commitment to the Indian students encompass organizing cultural festivities like Ganpati, Diwali and Holi. We take great pride in hosting national holidays like the Independence Day & Republic day. Year round, we host regular events including movie-shows, sport tournaments, spiritual lectures and coffee hours. Our lively events are not only a social ground for interaction but also a welcome break from the strenuous academics at Binghamton. Whether it is the tension of midterm exams or project deadlines or the demanding final exams, students always look at these events for rejuvenation.

IGSO works in co-ordination with ISSS and various departments to ensure smooth operations of its events and causes with open arms and a beckoning smile, we welcome all Indian students who plan to attend and cherish life at Binghamton university.

IGSO @ Binghamton university ~ A Non profit organization supporting every cause of the Indian student community in the triple cities area.